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3 Prayers for Prosperity in 2022

#1 Prayer - Prayer of Salvation. If not for you please share as a resource to win those who are lost to Christ, in the ministry of reconciliation.

#2 Prayer - Prayer to Rededicate your live to Christ. This prayer is for any one that has drawn from the faith once received. It's called backslidden and need to restore your relationship back with God and man. This prayer is for those who would like their heart to be pure and have a fresh start. If not for you, share as a resource in the ministry of reconciliation.

#3 Prayer - This prayer is a prayer for healing - not only physical but spiritual as well. Maybe you prayed #1 or #2 or none at all and you know things are not right in heart or in your mind concerning your relationship with God and people. Maybe you need healing in your heart - deep inside. Agree with this prayer and move forward victoriously... God's plan is great for your life.

Continued love, Tracy.


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