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My Story

Tracy L. Williams is a bold Bible teacher with a prophetic voice. She is an accomplished, innovative executive &, the founder of TLW Publications - empowerment tools, blog (The Prophetic Post) &, books that bring greater understanding of eternal purpose & the heart of God.


Tracy is the publisher & author of several life changing books that include Prayer Life for Kings in the Kingdom of God & 14 Reasons to Pray in the Holy Spirit.


She inspires multitudes around the world to be reconciled to God, to fall in love with Jesus, to continue in the faith &, to obey the ministry of the Holy Spirit.. where true victory is experienced. 

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“Nothing under the sun will be able to satisfy us the way God can. He has placed eternity in our hearts - a place that only He can fill. There will always be a void (a feeling that something is missing) until God is in His right place in our hearts and in our lives. Precious time is wasted until we come to this discovery.”
~TLW (Ecclesiastes 3:11 - amplified version)


My Mission

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