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God directed me to your ministry and I’m grateful for your anointing. 


I started with 14 reasons to pray in the Holy Spirit , and I made sure I didn’t miss a word. I actually felt energized after digesting the wisdom and prayers . Good Food ..!!!


Then You Are Not Jealous. I’m thankful for reaffirming that wisdom. I see it clearly even more now as a spirit that I want no parts of feeling and will be even more mindful of that emotion . Good food in that book. 


Then Prayer Life... I needed and love that one . Thanks for making the prayers personal and for every aspect. You covered them all. I Love The Prayer for Children and Adopted Children Prayers.

I said those with real feeling. I made sure the Holy Spirit felt those prayers. Definitely feel even more confident and secure.


Then Bring Them To Me... In The Beginning when I saw that Nov 12 you turned 33. A warm feeling and a big smile came over . My oldest daughters birthday is the exact same date. 


That’s not all that God has shown me in our stories being very similar. I’m just grateful for the confirmation. Really thankful for You and Dr Juan ... 


I rate my reading experience 

5 ️️️️️’s


I’m Full..  In The Name of Jesus .


Blessings My Sister 

~Bryan K. Wood

Entrepreneur @newmoneytwinz

Author New Money New America

Bryan K Wood

Bryan K. Wood


I must say I’m full. You know we have an awesome Father right. I read every book from beginning to end , 1 book a day , without yawning or feeling drained. 


Our God is up to something new and greater . I’ll sit back and just let him reveal. You wouldn’t believe our stories are very similar, almost identical .


I really feel inspired knowing that at some point  I will have gained enough trust that the Holy Spirit will take over and make home . Although I recognize I’ve always had favor and increase steadily arises everyday / every year for the last 20 years. Since a youngin ..I’ve never missed a day without sending my prayers of thanks . It’s a MUST..!! The fruits of my labor concept is real. I’m experiencing it now even more. All Glory to God..,,.!!!!


Tina, Tatumn, & Olivia Grace

testimonial 2.jpg

Mrs. Tracy thank you for your commitment to helping each of us continue to grow in Christ and remind us He will never forsake us . Your texts, posts, and prayers mean more than you know my beautiful sister.  The day I met you (Rite-Aid) you spoke the words “think Eternally”. I will never forget that moment as we departed in the parking lot. God making his moves bringing us together 


~Tina, Tatumn, & Olivia Grace

Monterey, CA

Myrtie Davis

testimonial 3.jpg

Mrs. Tracy L. Williams, first I want to say, your book, “14 Reasons To Pray In The Holy Spirit”, blessed me in many ways.  I started glancing through your book and immediately it captured my attention, so I started reading from the very beginning and could not lay the book down.  I am 83 years young, soon to be 84, and I have been in church all my life knowing God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, but this book has taking me to a higher level in knowing the Holy Spirit.  You never outgrow knowing God.  The anointing of God through this book ministered in my spirit deeply.  It brought many things back to my remembrance that I had tucked away on the back burner for many years, as well as, receiving God’s fresh anointing and revelation.  There’s a special anointing clearly stated in your book of Who the Holy Spirit is, how He lives in us and operates in our lives, and the importance of having a prayer life.  As a spirit filled believer, this is one of the best ever books I’ve read, and have stepped up my prayer life.  Thank you for your obedience and being led by the Holy Spirit in writing this book; a testimony that demonstrates the works of the Holy Spirit and doing our part.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.  Thank you and may God’s continued blessings be upon you in overflowing abundance.  This is a book I hope reaches to the ends of the earth for all to read.  God bless you!
Blessed reader,
Myrtie Davis

Myrtie Davis
Tina, Tatum & olivia



You different Mrs. Tracy. Your Bible teachings are like, piercing through my heart right now. Just signed my first recording contract about a month ago. I’m accepting Jesus as Lord tho Mrs. Tracy. My pride ain’t been letting me hear it. I read the Bible a lot as a kid. All that stuff cut off at some point. The Connection. I’m 29 now and coming across someone like you just warms my heart so much. The world might be running dry on role models. I can feel the Holy Spirit again, not just energy. Your teachings are touching my life right now. I feel like I can war the way I’m supposed to now...You deserve all your flowers...~Chelsey

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